September Consortium Meeting

Photographic record in Stockholm

The September 2011 Consortium meeting took place in Sweden, in an unusual (and somewhat apt) location. Once the Central Prison on the island of Långholmen in Stockholm, the dilapidated buildings were given new life as an hotel and conference centre in 1989. Cells are now well furnished bedrooms with en suite shower rooms!

Långholmen Hotel

Hotel SignHotel

Långholmen Conference Centre
Långholmen Conference Centre Långholmen Conference Centre Långholmen Conference Centre
Public Event – 14 September 2011

Following two days of N-Vivo training (12-13 September) at Bryggan, Stockholm, for a number of COPING colleagues, Wednesday 14 September was scheduled as a Public Event. This took place at Fatburen Konferens (KI), Stockholm and was attended by COPING members and invited stakeholders.

Anne H Brown. Associate ProfessorAnne H Berman, Associate Professor Clinical Psychology (KI),Project Leader in Sweden, welcomed the audience and reported on what preliminary COPING results say about children's needs.

Professor Adele Jones - COPING Scientific Coordinator Professor Adele Jones (HUD), COPING Scientific Coordinator introduced the COPING project.

Niina Koivumaa - Director RiksBryggan (RKS) Niina Koivumaa, Director RiksBryggan (RKS) presented on Bryggan.

Invited Speakers

What can the Child Ombudsman do for children of prisoners? Sara Phillipson, Lawyer, Office of the Child Ombudsman in Sweden.

How does the Prison and Probation Service work for best practice with children whose parents are incarcerated? Prison and Probation Services

Best practice for children from a Swedish and international legal perspective. International Advisory Board Member of COPING, Johanna Schiratzki, Professor of Welfare Law.

Lena Hallengren - Swedish MPLena Hallengren, Swedish MP, Social Affairs Committee, participated in a panel discussion

Social Affairs Committee, participating in a panel discussion
Thursday 15 September 2011

Bernard Gallagher
Bernard Gallagher (HUD) WP1 Identification of suitable cohorts of children.

Martin Manby
Martin Manby (HUD) WP2 Child-centred interviews.

Oliver Robertson
Oliver Robertson (QUNO) WP3 Stakeholder and care-givers consultation.

Update on WP1

Bernard Gallagher Bernard Gallagher (UOH, England) introduced the WP1 update, followed by colleagues from partner countries.

Sylvia Starke, Germany Sylvia Starke, Germany

Liliana Foca, Romania Liliana Foca, Romania

Sara Ullman, Sweden Sara Ullman, Sweden

Thursday 15 September 2011 – WP Updating

Matthias Schuetzwohl Matthias Schuetzwohl(DRE) WP4 Mapping of services and interventions.

Liz Ayre Liz Ayre (Eurochips) WP7 Dissemination.

Adele Jones Adele Jones (HUD) Scientific Publication Processes.

Alex Hirschfield
Alex Hirschfield (HUD) WP6 Development of recommendations.

Anne H Berman
Anne H Berman (KI) WP5 Evaluation of intervention.

COPING welcomes new faces

Richard Steinhoff Richard Steinhoff is a psychology student at Stockholm's university. In addition to his studies Richard works part-time in a psychoses psychiatric ward and on a mobile psychiatric unit. His involvement in the Swedish part of COPING is in Work Package 2. He is conducting interviews (mainly with children), transcribing and analysing. Richard will do his Master's thesis within this study. The thesis studies the child's experience of having an imprisoned parent and the data will, after analysis, be compared and discussed in the light of similar studies made of children with parents suffering from mental disease, somatic disease, substance abuse etc.

Helena Sjolundh Helena Sjölundh is a student of a psychology program in Sweden, studying to become a clinical psychologist. Currently she is an intern at Karolinska Institutet with Anne H. Berman as supervisor and the COPING project is a part of the internship. Helena is mainly involved in Work Package 2 and Work Package 3. She earlier studied Human Rights for children at the Red Cross folk high-school and has been working with children in various contexts.

Nina Sommerland Nina Sommerland is doing an internship at Karolinska Institutet, working with WP3 of the COPING project. She has a BA in Applied Sociology with Political Science from Stockholm University, and has previously worked at The Swedish Council for Information on Alcohol and Other Drugs (CAN).

George PascaruGeorge Pascaru is a sociologist working with Alternative Sociale Association since 2005. He managed and participated in projects on human trafficking, child labour and children left behind by migrating parents. He is co-author of Working Methodology for Professionals Working with Children Left Behind, and Analysis of the Justice System for Children in Romania. In COPING he is involved in WP2 as qualitative data analyst.

Karen Flitcroft Karen Flitcroft started work with Pops as a volunteer in 2008 and was employed as a play worker at HMP Kirkham. In 2010 Karen took the position of Visits Co-ordinator. She achieved the NVQ 2 in Team Leading. In 2010 Karen joined the COPING project on Work Package 1. She has been recruiting at Kirkham Prison and at prisons throughout the north west of England. Karen has also been supporting Work Package 2 interviews.

Kathryn SharrattIn 2007 Kathryn Sharratt graduated from Coventry University with a first class honours degree (BSc Psychology) and an MSc in Forensic Psychology. Kathryn spent 18 months at the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) as a Measuring the Quality of Prison Life (MQPL) Research Assistant. Since joining the Applied Criminology Centre (ACC), University of Huddersfield, in November 2009, Kathryn has been involved in a number of projects including an evaluation of the Youth Justice Board's (YJB) 'Preventing Violent Extremism' programme and COPING, as well as teaching undergraduate criminology. With regards to COPING Kathryn has contributed to work packages 1,2,3, and 4 and has raised the awareness of the project by attending an Action for Prisoners Families (APF) Voluntary Sector Reference Group and presenting at their annual conference 'What's new in Research and Evaluation? Informing our work with prisoners and offenders and their families'.

Maria Nicoleta TurliucMaria Nicoleta Turliuc is Professor of Family Psychology, Couple and Family Assessment, and Psychology of Deviant Behaviour. She teaches family relations, structures and processes, family assessment methods, child maltreatment, deviant behaviour and delinquency. Some of her books published in Romanian are: Domestic Violence. Theories, Particularities and Specific Interventions (2009), Psychosociology of Deviant Behaviour. Concepts and Theories (2007), Psychology of Couple and Family (2004). She is also the coordinator of the Master program 'Couple and Family Therapy' at the University Alexandru Ioan Cuza in Iasi. She obtained her PhD in 1999 and now she has several doctoral students in supervision. She has participated in many European projects with a focus on child education and aggression. Among these are: High Quality, Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC)/Leonardo da Vinci Grant, Gaming Technology Platform for Social Reintegration of Marginalised Youth (REPLAY)/FP7 Grant, Interpersonal Violence Across Culture (S.U.A. Romania), obtained at The Women's International Scientific Collaboration Program, NSF-USA. Also, she was director of a national grant Domestic violence: between stigmatization, social acceptance and therapeutic intervention.

Ryan ChristenIn 2009 Ryan Christen received double masters degrees in International Affairs, Conflict Resolution, and Civil Society Development from The American University of Paris as well as l'Institut Catholique de Paris. During a six-month internship in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in 2007, she became interested in the HIV/AIDS stigma and its relationship to corruption within the NGO health development sector of the nation. Subsequently, Ryan returned to Dar es Salaam in late 2008 to spend two months filming a documentary on corruption in the form of Briefcase NGOs within the country. Since graduating, Ryan has begun much work in awareness-raising for non-profits via social media networking, blogging, and website content management. She is currently the newest member of the EUROCHIPS staff. Although not present in Stockholm, her contribution to the COPING project thus far has included both newsletter and publication chart management, promotion of the project via social media, dissemination log maintenance, and awareness-raising through the submission of articles to prison-related non-profits in the US.

In-depth discussion – small groups in parallel

In-Depth Discussion 1

In-Depth Discussion 2

Oliver Robertson finds a long lost relative?!

Oliver Robertsons long lost relative?An eagle-eyed colleague spotted an uncanny likeness between Oliver Robertson and a former inmate of Långholmen prison!

and the social scene

All groups at Dinner

All groups at Dinner

All groups at Dinner

All groups at Dinner

All groups at Dinner

All groups at Dinner