Management Structure

The strategic management and coordination structure of COPING will involve the following:

  • International Advisory Board - International experts in children's rights, criminal justice, child and adolescent mental health and related fields. The primary function of the IAB will be to provide advice to the scientific and technical board and to contribute to project visibility and impact.
  • Management, Scientific and Technical Board (MAST) - Chaired by the Scientific Coordinator and with a membership comprising the Administrative Coordinator, Project Manager and work package leaders, this group will be responsible for meeting the project objectives and providing research direction.
  • Operational Group - Located at the lead institution (University of Huddersfield) and comprising a Scientific Coordinator, Administrative Coordinator, Project Manager, Central Project Office Administrator and Publicity/Communications Assistant, this group will be responsible for operational management and supporting the activities of MAST.
  • Ethics Group - Chaired by the work package leader for ethics and with representatives from each country, this group will be responsible for ethical compliance and will report to MAST.
  • Child-centred Group - This group will be set up to ensure the maximum participation of children and young people in the project, not only as research informants but also in the dissemination of results through the development of child/young person-centred activities.
  • Country Groups - It is anticipated that each country will establish a group comprising representatives from the respective research institution and NGO - this will aid the maximisation of the impact of the study at the national level and will provide country-level participants with regular information about the projects progress.
Operational Group
Photograph of the five members of the Operational Group, who are Sue Hanson, Wayne Keating, Adele Jones, Derek McKenzie and Vikki Hart

While responsibility for specific aspects of the work will be shared among the lead academics from the Universities in each of the partner countries, the overall operational management of the project rests with the University of Huddersfield, UK. The operational group (pictured) is made up of:(left to right)
Sue Hanson, Wayne Keating, Adele Jones, Derek McKenzie, Vikki Hart

  • Professor Adele Jones, Scientific Coordinator
  • Wayne Keating, Administrative Coordinator
  • Derek McKenzie, Project Manager
  • Vikki Hart, COPING Administrator
  • Sue Hanson, Publicity / Communications
  • Central Project Office -
Professor Adele Jones

Adele Jones is Professor of Childhood Studies and Director of the Centre for Applied Childhood Studies (the Research Centre from which the project originated). As Scientific Coordinator for COPING, Adele has overall responsibility for research direction, standards and objectives.

Wayne Keating

Wayne Keating is the Finance and Research Manager for the School of Human and Health Sciences. He is responsible for the overall administration, reporting obligations, legal compliance and financial management of the project.

Derek McKenzie

Derek McKenzie has been employed by the University as COPING's project manager. With extensive experience of managing EU-funded projects, Derek is responsible for liaising with members of the Consortium to implement the objectives of work packages, to ensure effective reporting and for the timely achievement of project deliverables.

Vikki Hart

Vikki Hart is the Research Administrator for the School of Human and Health Sciences. As COPING Administrator, she is responsible for the Central Project Office and the establishment of the administrative infrastructure for the project. The Central Project Office is the hub of COPING and all communication should be directed through Vikki.

Sue Hanson

Working closely with Vikki is Sue Hanson. Sue coordinates all the research activities of the Centre for Applied Childhood Studies. Her role in COPING will be to communicate project activities to consortium members and working with the Universities public relations office she will help to raise the profile of the project, through press releases, photographic material, preparing information for the website etc.